FAPIS: A Few-shot Anchor-free Part-based Instance Segmenter


This paper is about few-shot instance segmentation, where training and test image sets do not share the same object classes. We specify and evaluate a new few-shot anchor-free part-based instance segmenter FAPIS. Our key novelty is in explicit modeling of latent object parts shared across training object classes, which is expected to facilitate our few-shot learning on new classes in testing. We specify a new anchor-free object detector aimed at scoring and regressing locations of foreground bounding boxes, as well as estimating relative importance of latent parts within each box. Also, we specify a new network for delineating and weighting latent parts for the final instance segmentation within every detected bounding box. Our evaluation on the benchmark COCO-20i dataset demonstrates that we significantly outperform the state of the art.

Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), 2021
Khoi Nguyen
Khoi Nguyen
AI Research Scientist

My research interests include Computer Vision and Machine Learning.